Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Quest for Blackberries

Last night I found a great recipe for blackberry cobber.

So this afternoon I decided to venture down to:

Upon reaching PPM, I was mesmerised by the:

Donuts in a bag!!!

and by the colorful:

Fresh cut flowers for myself.
(Did you know that only one women ever brought me flowers for our date?)

While continuing my search for the ever elusive blackberries I stopped here:

What sort of a name is Taxi Dogs?

For this:

Kielbasa and lemonade!
Interesting, that they didn't have sauerkraut...

I was also serenaded by:

Random singing group out side of the first Starbucks.
(Notice the brown sign with the mermaid that you can still see her nipples, and not the green covered current logo?)

Sadly, the Safeway will have to get my back and save the day for blackberries.

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