Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Year in Review - 2010

With a similar recap of my grand adventures from the year 2009 in picture form,
I'm proud to present:

"How I Spent My 2010!"
I have spent over 1 & 1/2 years living in Seattle, since moving from Norwood, OH and I still find myself getting into new adventures and getting out of mischief.

January 2010

Every good year starts off with the Resolution Run 5K here in Seattle!
For 2010, I wasn't feeling up for the actual run that morning, and for 2011, I'll be at work.  :-(
However, I still believe that if you're the first runner and you don't jump in the the water, then you afflictively lost the race.  
I did however eat their chili:

Seattle, while not the oldest city in Washington, still does have some interesting cemeteries, and is always good for a last minute random walk/urban hiking group:
Arthur Denny was the leader of the founders of Seattle. 

"Things I've Cooked" exploded with the first recipe I made from my New Orleans cookbook:  Crayfish Gumbo with Allison.  

Sara and I met and had several off and on months, filled with cooking, dancing, fishing (trying to), camping, etc. until ultimately deciding to part ways for good. 
"You'll see!"  One day we'll get that fishing down! 

February 2010

I saw the tallest light house in Seattle! 
While the lighthouse wasn't terribly impressive, the walk along beach was lovely!

Taking a break from work, both Anita and I beat Bruder, the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Seattle Children's Hospital, at bowling during residents' appreciation day! 

March 2010

Snuggie Bar Crawl!!!  for World Concern and donations for Haiti.

My first and so far, only trip to the Arboretum where I also met my friend Chae whom as been a great friend and a wonderful resource for bouncing relationship ideas off of:

April 2010

Trip to Portland, at the Chinese Garden:

Also, storm trooper at the Top Pot 5K (again a race I avoided, after pigging out on donuts pre-race!  Sorry Laura!)

May 2010

Great Urban Race in Washington, DC with my sister, Crystal! We place in the top 10% of the 500 teams competing this year!
After an all day race, Laura, Johna, Crystal, Io, and I decided to climb rocks and admire the Potomac River.

I rounded off the month by volunteering with UW's Digital Media Team for the Seattle Works Day and uploaded tons of photos and conducted interviews at several of the day sites:

June 2010


It's not all fun and games, as we not forget about helping out in Haiti:

July 2010

I really thought there was going to be fireworks at the Firecracker 5K, midnight race!  Sorry to disappoint you, Laura (again) and Michael... :-(

August 2010

I found Northern Exposure! Cle Elem, WA conference:

Learned how to can for the first time too!

I'm also a super volunteer at Rebuilding Together Seattle and President of the Young Professional Society:

September 2010

Trip up through Deception Pass after a horse show:

Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett loves our pediatric hospitalist group so much that we were all invited to the "Doctors Prom!"  Thanks for being such great arm candy, Anita!

October 2010

Even Midnight likes to get dressed up too!

"Man being blown away by the wind" and "The US Debt."

November 2010


Also the month of Movember and cookie baking! 

December 2010

Looking good at the Fred Hutch Gala:

Thanks for helping me put up and decorate my tree Sweetheart!

And lastly, "Have suspenders, will build gingerbread houses."

I hope that next year will be just as great!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to the Hoard

Day 1 of Hunting Zombies: Successfully staying clean and alive while the O'Z'es (Original Zombies) were unmarked with their headbands!  Escorted Crystal safely across campus twice.  Lunch at the UW Club.

Day 2 of Hunting Zombies:  Thanks to a misfire/unloaded chamber the Red Square was not my friend today.  I fear this may be my last entry as the fever is starting.  My skin changing... shiny, becoming a gray wax.  The sweat and panting is all I can think about...  I feel sick.

Long Live the Hoard!

Dr. Alex

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the Hunt Begin

This coming Monday, January 10th, 2011 marks the start of UW's Winter 2011 quater Humans v. Zombies Tag!  (Here's a photo from Fall 2010 quarter.)  Yes! This is just as crazy as you think!

This past week, I picked up my orange bandana and asked around and gathered a few clues and recommendations as to the type of air action Nerf guns that are the most versatile and useful. 

I'm ready to play one big game of tag! 

Want to learn more? 

Maybe even one day I'll get into mods and hacks:

I hope my guardian angle is watching over me this week... Long live the Humans!

Thanks for reading, 

Dr. Alex