Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ho Jo To Ho

The Seattle Opera's performance of The Ring has a bog sponsored "Photo-of-the-Day Caption Writing Contest" The grand prize for coming up with the cleverest cation is a limited edition 'Ho Jo To Ho" t-shirt (only available to caption contest winners; not for sale in the gift shop!) starts now with today's new photo' for Tuesday, August the 11th:

It just happens that lawn darts are not a treasure lost to the past and the caption of "Lawn Darts, Version 1.0. A fun time for the whole family!" out witted some other clever lines such as "Okay, the tranquilizer spear works. Now how much will it cost to get you to wake her up?" and "How many times did I tell you not to run while carrying a spear?"

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UPDATE: August 19th 2009. The free t-shirt only comes in XL sizes... :-( Strange for an opera company that charges $20 for standing room only "seats," and for whom the next performance of The Ring costs $129 at the cheapest seats still available.

I would think they would have a little bit more disposable income with prices like that.

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