Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mom's Helper

Living in the St. Theodore provides this great sense of community. One evening after parking my truck in our garage, the community message board (which usually just has a smiley face made from thumbtacks) had a great hand made posting for a "Moms Helper."

Now, I wasn't sure what a Mom's Helper was, but Ema did a great job explaining it:

"A moms helper is someone that watches your kid while you are doing something important or just don't want to be bothered (with you in your apartment). "

And at $1.50 per hour it's a great bargain!!!! She even comes with a great personal recommendation:

"Ema is a very responsible, kind and mature 9 year old. She loves to play with babies & young children. Thank you, Nana Cooney"

Better hurry though! She's got limited hours and dates still available!

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