Saturday, February 10, 2018

If only I had...

Weekly Challenge for Feb 11th 2018 with the topic of “If only I had…
by Dr. Alex

“I’m getting the band back together!” was my usual rally cry for the for the past month.

“Yes, yes, I know” was Seth’s usual reply.

Reviewing this week’s progress with Seth, “We have Alice set on maracas.  Justin likes his high hat.  Rachel on xylophone. Now, if only I had a kazoo player.”

“Seth! Really!? I didn’t know you knew how to play this whole time!”

Three weeks later, we were booked for a Thursday evening performance at the Tropicana. 

Clearly, this had been some sort of a scheduling error, or a perhaps cruel joke by the departing events manager.

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Thanks for reading and listening!

Dr. Alex

Friday, February 2, 2018

Why not?

This week's submission for The 100 Word Stories Podcast:

Around the bend came the first set of headlights I’d seen since starting this late night hours journey. 
The unknown Packard slowed beside me.  Yelling out, he called: “Hey, Buddy, need a lift?”

My socks - no dryer than a used kitchen sponge and the blisters about to pop before completing my walk ahead.  “Sure,” I said, “why not?

Then did I notice poking my right hip a bulge in the map holder. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, that pistol it’s just in case I run into trouble.”

I wonder what sort of trouble we were now looking to find.

Thanks for reading and listening (11:20)!

Dr. Alex

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pick Two for a 100-word Story

After having so much fun last week, I decided to continue the madness and write a second 100-word story.  Interestingly, this week's topic is a pick two from the following: Corner, Tiger, Tie, Please, Encountered, Obsolete, Winter, Webcam.

Stripes, Tiger, Animal, Tail, Mammal

Jeremy spent the last week preparing himself for battle – tweaking his blank stare after heading advice from his webcam chat room buddies.

He knew he was ready. Then he heard it: “Let’s play Family Feud!”

First to the podium and ready to face off against an exquisite brunette named Sally,

little did Jeremy know that she had also prepared.  Her with her leopard print slip under her pencil skirt.

Jeremy, however, was not to be undone, for he had chosen well: his tiger-striped bow tie that showed proudly.

With a flick of his wrist. Buzzer! “Answer?”

“Banana split!” Ding!


Thanks for reading and listening (3:30)!

Dr. Alex

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I've been a long time listener to The 100 Word Stories Podcast and this week I decided to write my first story!

The topic of this weeks’ story: “Smartypants”
By Dr. Alex

My three year old and I have an agreement of reading two books per night before bed, and this has never been broken.

After this evening’s tantrum over wanting to eat from the trapezoid plate, I was sure she had chosen her “crabby pants” PJs.  No, they were this week’s usual Peppa Pig outfit.

An hour later, we finished “The Five Little Firemen,” without so much as a whisper.  She scanned her bookshelf and chuckled while reaching for her second book: “Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever - 82 Wonderful Stories.”

Clearly, she had chosen her “smarty pants” to sleep in.

Hear me start my story around minute 2:30:

Thanks for reading!