Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's So Seattle - #3 and #4

Just the perfect way to end a wonderful Saturday!

Ahhh yes, my
second encounter with a dancing mob of Michael Jackson fans, in just as many months.  I guess, I just couldn't get enough from the first flash mob.  Or else I must attract friends who are closet MJ fans, and find myself stumbling upon such fun everywhere I go.

Thrill The World of West Seattle
 helped to host the second annual Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller Dance at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA. All part of a much larger Thrill The World idea.

My friend Sarah, a coworker of her's and their third friend became ghastly ghouls of the night and participated in this weekend's outdoors event for charity.

This year's recipients were
Seattle Children's Hospital (ahhh.. yes work) and Acts of Kindness Friends.

Also, the goal of year's event was to attempt to break the world record for the "largest simultaneous dance."  I'm not sure if they made it or not...  
Those Filipino inmates are quite amazing and know how to draw a crowd! 

From an unsteady and tired hand - here's what I saw from 4 rows back.

Be prepared for next year by joining the
Seattle Thrillers group on

After celebrating in the fun, we three wonders came across another scary site:

Crowds and crowds of absolutely livid fans cheering for the Seattle Sounders, all dressed in their greens scarves and herded towards Quest Field for that evenings match.

Watch for the hidden zombie in the middle:

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Dr. Alex

Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Zombies

From long know Snow White to much awaited Princess Tiana, it's clear to see that the Disney Princesses can be idolized in a variety of manners (#1, #2, #3, #4).

Along slightly different lines then from an earlier post, the Fallen Princesses take a turn for the worst.  In Jeffrey Thomas's Twisted Princess, he invokes the Halloween spirit through his frightful compilation.

All in all these aspiring queens are a far cry, yet a far more interesting rendition, of the traditional view of these beauties.

Then again... they could all just have issues with each other.

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Dr. Alex

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's So Seattle - #2

Seattleites are all human compasses! 
Amazing, No?

While in every other city I've lived in, street parking has always been well defined with signs that state "No Parking Here to Corner" or "No Parking Between Signs" (followed by cute little arrows pointing at each other).  Not here in Seattle!  For, Seattleites harness their inborn (or derived) compass to know the cardinal directions at all times.  

No Parking - West of Here

No Parking - North of Here

No Parking - East of Here

Who's sweet ass truck is that, with their Penn State stickers and paw magnet!   I think that sign should really read, "Do Not Block Driveway," but I'm no Seattle Parking planner

Both sides of the street have the same sign "No Parking - West of Here."

Funny, how they are placed both sings facing the SAME direction.  One in the flow of traffic, and the other against it...

Is this really needed?

If I wanted to park "East of Here," I'd be in the grass! 

No Parking - South of Here

I almost made the mistake of thinking this guy/gal parked illegally, but then my cardinal sense of direction kicked in and, I realized that South was behind me!  I must be feeling the flow from Magnetic North.

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Dr. Alex

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why We Walk

Seattle AIDS Walk

September 26th, 2009 marked the 23rd year of bringing together the Puget Sound to increase awareness and fight HIV and AIDS.  The Lifelong Aids Alliance (#2) was this years proud supporter of the walk and organized a great event through Seattle's Capital Hill, starting at Volunteer Park.  Any aptly named park, no?

Course for walk

I joined the University of Washington School of Medicine team, without knowing a sole.  From the lengthly list of e-mails, I learned that a group of highly motivated medical students could raise over $1001, including $138.30 from a "clandestine bake sale!"      

After a quick breakfast, the morning of, at one of the second year's houses we trekked through her back yard and up the hill to the registration tent.  For the day of the race, our team wore UW gear to show our support and cohesiveness.  The following Monday, in order to continue to show our support, we planed to wear our red AIDS Walk t-shirts.

Lifelong AIDS Alliance Video

So, why did I walk?  

During my month long, medical school rotation in Guyana, South America, I worked with HOPE House Orphanage in Enmore, Guyana.  Here, I became known as “Uncle Alex” to 42 boys and girls.

These children were full of life, yet so starved for emotional and physical attention.  Over the month, I visited the orphanage, working closely with the children, the orphanage staff, and outside physicians to provide much needed healthcare for these children and the staff that cared for them.

Dr. Alex and Vikash (4 months old)

There is an ever so common story in Guyana and sadly 4 month old Vikash lives it. Vikash was abandoned in a hospital, by this unmarried mother a few days after his birth for being born and infected with HIV.  Every year, there are hundreds of children disowned and forgotten because of their inherited infection.  Luckily, The Hope House Orphanage in Enmore, Guyana, saved Vikash and provided him with an opportunity to live, a new family of 40 brothers and sisters, and enduring love. Here Vikash and I are sitting and cheering on his brothers and sisters at the 2nd Annual Sports Day, sponsored by the orphanage to teach the children that “by working together we can accomplish so much more.”

Dr. Rebecca and Faith (3 years old)

Just two children out of many at the orphanage that where HIV positive and whom we were able to spend a day with; making their lives a tiny bit brighter. These photos were taken on August 2005 in EnmoreGuyanaSouth America.

Every child has a right to – Life, a Name, a Family, and to feel Loved (inscription from a monument in the Georgetown National Park, Guyana).

Our UW SOM walking team

And, yes there are manatees in the National Park, that will feed right out of your hand.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex