Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's So Seattle - #3 and #4

Just the perfect way to end a wonderful Saturday!

Ahhh yes, my
second encounter with a dancing mob of Michael Jackson fans, in just as many months.  I guess, I just couldn't get enough from the first flash mob.  Or else I must attract friends who are closet MJ fans, and find myself stumbling upon such fun everywhere I go.

Thrill The World of West Seattle
 helped to host the second annual Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller Dance at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA. All part of a much larger Thrill The World idea.

My friend Sarah, a coworker of her's and their third friend became ghastly ghouls of the night and participated in this weekend's outdoors event for charity.

This year's recipients were
Seattle Children's Hospital (ahhh.. yes work) and Acts of Kindness Friends.

Also, the goal of year's event was to attempt to break the world record for the "largest simultaneous dance."  I'm not sure if they made it or not...  
Those Filipino inmates are quite amazing and know how to draw a crowd! 

From an unsteady and tired hand - here's what I saw from 4 rows back.

Be prepared for next year by joining the
Seattle Thrillers group on

After celebrating in the fun, we three wonders came across another scary site:

Crowds and crowds of absolutely livid fans cheering for the Seattle Sounders, all dressed in their greens scarves and herded towards Quest Field for that evenings match.

Watch for the hidden zombie in the middle:

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex


  1. I saw the thriller dance world record attempt on the news today. And I went to a DC United game a while back against the Seattle Sounders... those were some enthusiastic fans!

  2. Sweet! I'm glad to see that news and sports from My Washington is making it's way over to Your Washington! :-)