Friday, January 1, 2010


Now a days we no long have wallpaper in our house, rather we hang wallpaper on the back of our computer screens and on our cell phones.  This is my collection of wallpapers from my laptops (MBA Helper and Blue Monster) and my LG enV2 (sorry no iPhone until Apple wakes up and makes some contracts with Verizon).

Wallpaper on Blue Monster.

All good kids should know how to fight off swarms of attacking zombie children.

 Wallpaper on MBA Helper.

Also, the reason I can't win with women.  I bring them flowers and they bring me a baseball bat with nails.

Outside screen of my cell phone.  The 4 Elemental Fiends from the original Final Fantasy.

Inside screen of my cell phone.  The cast of Marvel characters.

As if you didn't know I was a HUGE Marvel fan.

For a short period of time, Jack graced the inside screen of my cell phone.

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Dr. Alex

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  1. That's exactly what I'm waiting for! An iPhone on Verizon.
    The little Marvel guys are wonderful!