Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pick Two for a 100-word Story

After having so much fun last week, I decided to continue the madness and write a second 100-word story.  Interestingly, this week's topic is a pick two from the following: Corner, Tiger, Tie, Please, Encountered, Obsolete, Winter, Webcam.

Stripes, Tiger, Animal, Tail, Mammal

Jeremy spent the last week preparing himself for battle – tweaking his blank stare after heading advice from his webcam chat room buddies.

He knew he was ready. Then he heard it: “Let’s play Family Feud!”

First to the podium and ready to face off against an exquisite brunette named Sally,

little did Jeremy know that she had also prepared.  Her with her leopard print slip under her pencil skirt.

Jeremy, however, was not to be undone, for he had chosen well: his tiger-striped bow tie that showed proudly.

With a flick of his wrist. Buzzer! “Answer?”

“Banana split!” Ding!


Thanks for reading and listening (3:30)!

Dr. Alex

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