Friday, December 25, 2009

Seattle > Pittsburgh > Boston > Cincinnati

Literacy pays off! Who knew?

Seattle topped the list of 75 major cities across the US!  Sorry, Crystal, DC came in second, despite a Facebook quiz telling me that DC should have been the city of my choice. :-(

As the Seattle PI tells me, Dr. John W. Miller developed his rankings based on six categories:

1: Number of retail bookstores/1000 people.
2: % of adults with HS diplomas.
3. Total weekday circulation of a city's newspaper.
4: Number of web page views per capita to a city's "internet version" of a newspaper.
5. Magazine and journal distributions per capita.
6. Library staff and library volume per capita.

So, remember that you local library is also important!

Interestingly,  smart cities usually ranks well against other quality of life indicators too!

"...Most active singles’ scenes (Boston, Seattle, Washington, and Atlanta), are safer (Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Cincinnati), more walk-able (Seattle, Washington, DC, Portland, Boston, and Denver), and healthier (Washington, DC and Denver)."

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex


  1. I'm gonna come up with my own ranking system based on:

    1. Number of horses/1000 people
    2. Number of adults with more than 5 children.
    3. Total weekday number of steer ropings.
    4. Number of traffic jams caused by tractors.
    5. Number of third generation land owners.
    6. Number of members of the Riffle Association per capita.

    With this formula Boise, Idaho would take the cake. ;-) Just for laughs....

  2. D.C. was 2nd? I demand a recount!

  3. Crystal, I love it how you're finally getting around to read my blog. :-)

    Lacey, I'm glad you're taking this whole ranking system so much further! Hope Idaho wins some other awards too. :-)