Monday, December 21, 2009

My Google Alternates

Ever try Googleing yourself?  Some people find they have hundreds of Google Alternates (GA), while other find they have only very few.

I feel, I'm one of the lucky ones with very few GAs, and I come across myself quite often:

Finding my name in text across the web:

A Temple University School of Medicine 2005 Rebuilding New Orleans Trip that included a Philadelphia PSR write up about our experience, and a Temple Medicine write up and my personal journal entry (check out page #36.)

My IMDB actors page, where I started as "Redsin's Victim" in The Redsin Tower.

Cincinnati Kiwanis Club meeting minutes
 about my presentation of One Laptop Per Child.  Along with more Kiwanis meeting minutes 

When I was first starting to look for information about my family tree.

Alumni Listing of CCHMC residency graduates.

Penn State's NASA 2001 HEDS-UP Project: Mining the Foundation of the Future.

Honorable Mention in the Legible Script for Uncle Alex.

Delta Chi Quarterly write up about advising with the University of Cincinnati Colony.

Temple Times write up, along with a Fox Update write up about pursuing and MD/MBA dual degree program.

Don't forget to look through the images after you Google yourself, you might be surprised! 

Also, finding yourself in other peoples pictures and videos can be very enlightening. :-)

Taft with a Twist event with Ari.  Ariane, if you're out there - I still miss you! (Yes, that is a giant monkey sticker from Enjoy The Arts on my shirt.)

A Senior Roast video from CCHMC w/o sound.

Hitting up Club Bang! with Diane and Greg.

What's the deal with all the Kiwanis photos?  :-)

2009 Hyde Park Blast photo with Emily and Tom.

Finding myself through personal, friends, and networking  services:

Is Twitter ever going to learn how to make money?

My Google Profile.

LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, random comments on other blogs (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

Over the years, I've found my name bring great respect and honor to many communities, my first GAs has been a junior high honor student, a long jumper and a 400 meter relay runner.  After finding the wonders of  Google Alerts, I've found another GA that is a JHS/HS football champ (#2), also a long jumper and hurdler, a basketball player, and interested in science and soil research (something I did as well in high school!  However, I studied the viability of stocking trout along the Turtle Creek through researchers at IUP)!

What has your Google Alternate done today?

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex


  1. The Friendster comment strikes a chord with me . . . I found my Friendster account from 2002 that I'd really love to delete. Sadly, I don't remember the log-in info, and the e-mail address I used to register is ages old (and no longer in use)! I keep wondering when they'll finally delete it due to inactivity.

    The good news is I have good hair in the picture I used as my profile icon. So, at least if it's going to be a historical snapshot of me in 2002, I look good! ;-)

  2. For the longest time, my Friendster account was being bombarded with friend requests from Koren show girls. I finally forced myself to forget the e-mail address and password as not to be bothered with the daily e-mails and garbled English messages.

    I'm sure you've always had good hair. :-)

  3. You are a lucky one. My main Google Alternatives are Lacey Lea Anderson, a murder victim, and Pamela Anderson. My blog has better search results then I do.... That's sad. :-(