Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the Hunt Begin

This coming Monday, January 10th, 2011 marks the start of UW's Winter 2011 quater Humans v. Zombies Tag!  (Here's a photo from Fall 2010 quarter.)  Yes! This is just as crazy as you think!

This past week, I picked up my orange bandana and asked around and gathered a few clues and recommendations as to the type of air action Nerf guns that are the most versatile and useful. 

I'm ready to play one big game of tag! 

Want to learn more? 

Maybe even one day I'll get into mods and hacks:

I hope my guardian angle is watching over me this week... Long live the Humans!

Thanks for reading, 

Dr. Alex


  1. Good luck Dr. Alex! Speaking of which, what gun did you end up buying (if any)?

    Also, if you have time, check out the facebook for uwhvzt, as rumours of possible supers are already cropping up.

    Finally, you should definitely tell the staff about your experiences, so we can spread the game through labs and classrooms across campus.

    Good luck, and see you on Monday!

  2. Hey Rahul,

    I picked up the Rapid Fire AS-20 (I think prior models only held 18) and the Maverick (6 shot), plus dozen socks that are being constructed into slings and mortars.

    Thanks for the update on UWHvZT. I'm already a fan, and will keep up with latest missions.

    I'll keep my colleges up to date of my adventures and killings. I've already convinced one friend to sign up and another has adamantly protested against mixing grad students and undergrads (boo!)

    I would have shot my latter friend if she was turned, without question.