Friday, July 2, 2010

What's the Medicine Man Reading?

So... one day I got the bright idea of collecting all the magazines, journals, and newspapers that I received over the course of an entire month.  Surprisingly, I  found that I read over 3 inches of paper every 4 weeks!

3 inches tall!

Granted, some of those sheets are pure advertisements, or sweet, sweet smelling colognes or perfumes, which I may or may not tear out and rub on myself before hitting the streets of Seattle.  No, not really!!!  However, I did find that most of those 3 inches are actually material that I care about and glance through on a regular basis.

Come, let's take a journey and explore what I read:

1. LocumLife focuses on the trends of being a locum tenens physician - short term stints or being a "substitute doctor" for clinics and practices all over the US.
2. Infectious Diseases in Children is one of two publications from the Pediatric Super Site.  This over-sized news paper focuses on infectious diseases that are common and uncommon in children.
3. American Medical News is the AMA's news publication, which covers general topics and political topics in all fields and aspects of medicine.

4. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Unique Opportunities, or why I even continue to receive copies of it... Actually, this may have been my only issues I ever received.  :-)
5. Pediatric Annals is the other publication from the Pediatric Super Site.  It's not a great journal, but it still comes in my mailbox!
6. Contemporary Pediatrics for some reason always has a great editorial on different stamps from around the world, that are somehow loosely tied to the world of pediatrics.  I know it's not really a reason to read a journal, but it helps. :-)
7. JAMA or the Journal of the American Medical Association is a great journal, but it often focuses on literature and research from the "adult world" side of medicine, rather then from the  "pediatric world."
8. Vindico Medical Education is a small publication that offers free CME (continuing medical education) credits on a variety of topics.  Often these articles are longer and the questions really make you think, and make sure you've actually read those articles!

9. Barron's, for the investor hiding inside of me.
10. BusinessWeek, which has recently changed names to Bloomberg Businessweek, has also changed it's spread layout and has taken a turn for the worse. :-(
11. Ok, so I thought, maybe one day I'll have my own business, and I was hoping that Inc. would be marginally helpful. So far it has not.
12. Money is actually a really good personal finance magazine.  It's no Kiplinger, but it's close.
13. Fortune is my fantasy magazine, for maybe one day I'll have the time and free funds to invests in stocks and mutual funds again.

14. I to like to stay up to date on the development of the world and the Economist helps me to do so. Plus, yearly, they put out the Big Mac Index!
15. Some people call TIME "liberal," while others call it "conservative."  Who really knows?  I call it fun to read.  TIME covers wide variety of subjects on US and world events - all of which I find interesting. 
16. An interesting look at modern live and business is found within the pages of Fast Company.  Where else can you take the Declaration of Independence and turn it into a Declaration of INTERdependence

17. Philanthropy and volunteerism are both an important aspects of my belief, faith, and life. Kiwanis has touched my life since high school and I have continued to volunteer with Kiwanis when living in Cincinnati and Seattle.
18. Phi Beta Kappa is one of those honor societies that I joined in college and I continue to get their quarterly magazine. 

19. Town & Country turns out isn't the type of magazine I thought it would be.  I was hoping for good recommendations about living on the West Coast and how to adopt to a new climate and living environment. 
20. Shape on the other hand, is exactly the type of magazine I thought it would be. :-)  New monthly exercises and plenty of good eats ideas to fill my stomach and to feast on the eye candy.
21. This Old House, pretty much follows its name sake. Growing up, my dad and I would watch Bob and Norm work on old houses and give great tips. Such a great father/son experience with my dad.
22. Seattle Met is that zine for giving great updates for local cultural events, hikes around the area, and new restaurant openings.

23. I just read Play for the pictures.... video game picture. :-) It's probably been over 6 years since I've really been serious about playing console games.  While the Final Fantasy series will always have a place in my heart, when I became an adult, it was time to put away childish things. 
24. Psychology Today is just interesting! 
25.  Lastly, I used to read Maxim for the articles.... I mean who are these girls anyway?  Actually I canceled my membership to Maxim several months back (as this is January's issue) after a heart to heart talk with a young women, whom I was interested in pursuing a relationship with.  Do I miss Maxim's artilces?  Maybe, but it was worth losing the magazine to keep her.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex

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