Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's So Seattle - #2

Seattleites are all human compasses! 
Amazing, No?

While in every other city I've lived in, street parking has always been well defined with signs that state "No Parking Here to Corner" or "No Parking Between Signs" (followed by cute little arrows pointing at each other).  Not here in Seattle!  For, Seattleites harness their inborn (or derived) compass to know the cardinal directions at all times.  

No Parking - West of Here

No Parking - North of Here

No Parking - East of Here

Who's sweet ass truck is that, with their Penn State stickers and paw magnet!   I think that sign should really read, "Do Not Block Driveway," but I'm no Seattle Parking planner

Both sides of the street have the same sign "No Parking - West of Here."

Funny, how they are placed both sings facing the SAME direction.  One in the flow of traffic, and the other against it...

Is this really needed?

If I wanted to park "East of Here," I'd be in the grass! 

No Parking - South of Here

I almost made the mistake of thinking this guy/gal parked illegally, but then my cardinal sense of direction kicked in and, I realized that South was behind me!  I must be feeling the flow from Magnetic North.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex


  1. too true... I've been in Seattle (area) for almost 20 yrs now -- my trick is to park between two cars who have figured out which way is South/North?East/& West already ;-)

  2. Wahaha ... gave me a good laugh to begin the day