Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is the UW U Pass worth it for me?

After finally acquiring my UW Faculty ID badge, I learned that I was eligible for a discounted bus, light rail, and SLUT public transportation pass, dubbed the "U-Pass."

Now, I'm not a daily rider, and I wouldn't take the bus to work. I can walk to most places I want to eat and visit. If I can't walk, I can run, and if I really want to expand my horizons I should just bike there. :-)

Well.... I went for the $398.00 U-Pass, good through June 30th 2010. So now I posed the challenge to myself, if this was really worth the decision.

In order to accomplish this, I fully extended and embraced my geekness and created an Excel Spreadsheet (along with a graft to track my progress.)

I hope to periodically update my readers as to my acceptance or dissapointment with my decision. As of now, I've used 4 $1.75 rides with my U-Pass, bringing my cost to $391.00 for those rides.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex

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