Friday, July 24, 2009

Living in the Roosevelt

My first adventure, since flying to Seattle, was finding my new apartment in the St. Theodore (#2), in the Roosevelt area of Seattle.

Not too much of a challenge after hopping in my rental car and finding the cargo section of Northwest to pick up Midnight from SEA. With my trusty GPS in hand we made it to I-5 without any trouble, and then down to the St. Theodore. The management here has been super easy going and allowed me entrance to my place late on a Saturday night without issues.

The apartment is great, and now it also has all my stuff! It was a bit strange living with just an inflatable bed, t-shirt like sheets, and no real pillow for about a week. :-(

My movers were slow to get back to me, but I was lucky enough to have my mom come out at the right time to help open boxes and get her opinion on Goodwill furniture and necessities.

So far, I've explored the area around me on foot and found the Safeway and QFC grocery stores, a few bars, and great little coffee shop with wireless (it has a bit too load music to make it a good study location, but the people there are friendly) and then I wondered around downtown after meeting up with some people from Seattle's's New In Town Meetup Group.

My next challenge was to spend the day running around changing over the electric meter into my name. I stumbeled upon a branch of the Seattle Public Library with free wifi, and picked up way too much stuff for myself from Best Buy and for Midnight from Petsmart by the time my outing was over and done with.

Also on this trip, I picked up some shade plants from Lowe's. The change of address envelopes from the Post Office, have a 10% off your entire purchase, FYI. I still need to find more/new soil and a larger pot to replant them into and then they will be off and ready to display in front of my door.

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